Going Out On My Own - Official Music Video

The video for Rainbow Maniac’s ‘Going Out On My Own’ is out now on VEVO/Youtube!

The video was shot and directed by Tom Rees from Cardiff band Tibet.

Tom Rees on his artistic vision:

“The whole VHS thing has been rimmed to shit so there’s a huge gap in the market for shit digital now, I think. That’s my artistic opinion. HD sucks dick. Only people who watch Sky Sports like HD. And plus most people who shoot HD don't even know what the fuck to do with HD. FUCK HD!”

‘Going Out On My Own’ is taken from Rainbow Maniac’s debut RMEP1 out now on Phwoar & Peace. Available on 12" pink vinyl as well as on all digital platforms.

Spotify / iTunes / Vinyl

The EP was recorded with producer Charlie Francis at Musicbox Studios in Cardiff. Charlie has worked with artists such as Future Of The Left, Sweet Baboo, Beach Fatigue and R.E.M.

Charlie spent months with the band attending practices and gigs to truly know the band and understand the music so that he could best represent it during recording. Charlie chose to record Rainbow Maniac live to capture their energy. No click tracks were used and minimal overdubs.

Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales - "What is fast becoming one of my favourite tracks of 2017 so far. So much guts, energy, and vibrance crammed into 2 minutes and 54 seconds."

Shell Zenner, Amazing Radio - “Raw and exciting”